Foods For Hair Growth

Foods For Hair Growth

Nourishing hairs is very important. Sunshine hairs are dream of every one. Hairs are also important to flaunt style and looks and they need to be properly groomed. Unfortunately hair loss is one of the major prevailing problems which people face these days. Many products are available for hair growth like best shampoos, vitamin capsules, oils etc. But it is important to note here that diet plays an important role in hair growth. Hairs get proper nourishment by proper diet. Before trying different and costly hair products to prevent hair loss try focusing on diet plan. Foods that should be included in diet for hair growth are listed below.


Eggs are a great source of protein and including eggs in one’s diet can enhance hair growth. Proteins are building blocks of hair. Eggs contain protein in the range of 4.0g to 7.2g per eggs which is sufficient enough to give required protein to hairs. Eggs also contain Vitamin B called as biotin which is beneficial in hair care.


Oats are considered as best meal for hair care. Oats can fill up the nutrients deficiency which are leading to hair loss and moisturizes hairs to make them soft and lustrous. Oats are rich in iron, fiber, omega 3 fatty acids which boost hair growth. Consuming oats help in maintaining natural hair color and creates melanin in body which is very essential for hair growth. Applying oats to hairs serves as best shampoo as it helps to get rid of dryness.

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits like almonds, walnuts are rich in iron, protein, Vitamin E and biotin which strengthen hairs from root promoting hair growth. Almonds are rich in magnesium and vitamin D intake of which proves excellent in hair care. Almonds helps in maintaining shine in hairs while walnuts are rich in Vitamin B, Zinc and omega 6 fatty acids which keeps hair healthy for years if included in diet on daily basis. Other dry fruits like dates and figs are rich in iron consuming of which promotes hair growth.


Green vegetables are the super foods which are very healthy. Among them consuming spinach is considered as most healthy. Spinach is rich in iron and selenium which gives natural conditioning to hairs. After using best shampoos for hair care, hair needs to get conditioned but consuming of spinach can condition hairs naturally. Eating raw spinach more beneficial as it contains iron, beta carotene, folate and vitamin C which keeps hair follicle healthy hence enhancing hair growth. for further information, visit :

Foods For Hair Growth


Milk is rich source of calcium and protein and recommended to be taken every day for good hair care. Cow milk is considered best for hair care as it is rich in calcium and iron which boosts hair growth as well as make them shiny and strong.


Sprouts like Green Gram, Mung Beans, peas are healthy for hairs. They are rich in nutrients and perfect source of keeping hairs healthy. It is recommended to consume sprouts in the morning breakfast. Sprouts stimulates hair growth rapidly. Consuming sprouts not only enhances hair growth but also makes hairs smooth and lustrous. click here for more details.

Next time if you are suffering from hair loss then don’t think rushing and buying the best shampoos is the only solution to hair fall. Focusing on diet chart is the right track to deal with hair loss problems. Above mentioned foods are really helpful in prevent hair loss and promoting hair growth.